Mountain Water Supply System – Design Guidelines

, Mount Wellington, Hobart

Client: Hobart City Council

Type: Tasmania, Public, Wayfinding

Year: 2013

Staff: Andrew Taylor, Paul Neely

Cost: $20,000

Working in conjunction with: Arterial Design

Urban Initiatives worked with Arterial Design on the interpretation planning project for the Hobart Mountain Water Supply System ‘Pipeline Track’, which involved renovating existing track facilities with new and improved infrastructure, wayfinding and interpretive signage.

The challenge was to come up with a solution which integrated the existing Wellington Park and Hobart City Council Design Guidelines and Park infrastructure. The design solutions needed to be clean and modern while remaining sympathetic to the heritage features of the site so that it would not assume prominence over the cultural or natural features of the park environment.
The over-riding concept is robust simplicity. This approach draws upon basic steel sections to construct a streamlined and materially concise suite of Park elements. The design is also a reference to the importance of the Mountain Water Supply System engineering in the development of the City of Hobart. This concept also recognises that much of the experience of the cultural significance of the Mountain Water Supply System comes from the natural landscape of Wellington Park and its tributaries flowing toward the River Derwent.
The wayfinding outcome provided a easy to use signage system that complements and unites existing systems and informs the future development of all three identities. A simple bold icon is to be used across all applications of MWSS signage. The icon creates an identity for the system while uniting it with existing accessibility symbols and logos used in the Wellington Park and Hobart City Council Signage Guidelines. The icon is clean and modern while being sympathetic to the history and significance of the water supply system architecture through the representation of the aqueduct bridge.
Light blue and dark blue colours have been used as the primary colours. These colours are bold, reference water and are complementary to the existing colour palettes of Wellington Park and Hobart City Council. A simplified version of the track map has been created and is to be used across the system to inform visitors of their current location, upcoming points of interest and distances. The system has been represented in its simplest form; establishing clear orientation and identification.

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