Senior Landscape Architect

Bachelor of Science (Environmental), 2005
Cert III in Conservation and Land Management (Natural Area Restoration)
Cert IV in Conservation and Land Management
Diploma of Conservation and Land Management, 2011
Master of Landscape Architecture, 2015

Wai Kin has worked as a bush regenerator in Sydney for six years prior to studying his master’s degree. He has a keen eye on the issues & challenges urban bushland, and has deep understanding of fauna-flora interaction and vegetation community maintenance. From 2018 to 2021, Wai Kin ran an undergraduate subject called Designing Living Systems at the University of Melbourne. As the sessional subject coordinator, Wai Kin developed a curriculum that is based on an inter-disciplinary design process, with close connection to both the art and science of urban ecology. Wai Kin is also experienced in masterplanning and strategy research while working at Urban Initiatives. He is an advocate for Ecological Urbanism and New Urbanism.

At the moment Wai Kin’s a virtual reality and 360 media enthusiast. As much as he loves technologies, he also has many cycle touring, camping and bushwalking stories to tell.