Senior Landscape Architect

Bachelor of Arts (Interior Design) RMIT 1994

Travis has an interest in designing landscapes that enhance our sense of aliveness and connection. The landscapes are underpinned by an idea of simplicity that is receptive to site conditions and end users. Travis always gives consideration to the durability and long term suitability of any proposed deign, aiming for the landscapes to provide value over many years with minimal inputs. The aim of the designs is always to positively transform spaces and the way that they are inhabited, moving beyond two-dimensional pattern-making towards a composition of interesting spatial experiences, enriching our lives and the surrounding environment.

Travis has over twenty-five years design experience and has been involved in many significant landscape projects. He has particular expertise in education sector design and master planning. Travis is a skilled designer and is especially proficient at hand drawn presentations to communicate design intent. Prior to joining Urban Initiatives, Travis worked for a number of landscape architecture firms in Sydney and Melbourne. Since joining Urban Initiatives, Travis has been responsible for the design, documentation and administration many large scale landscape and urban design projects.

Travis’ personal interests include Cycling, growing and making food, building soils, reading, yoga & meditation.