Senior Landscape Architect

Bachelor of Architectural Studies Major in Landscape Architecture, Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand, 2008- 2011
Master of Landscape Architecture, RMIT, Melbourne, Australia, 2012-2013

Daniel entered the profession of landscape architecture in 2014 following graduating with a Master of Landscape Architecture from RMIT in 2013. He has since gained extensive experience over a wide range of projects from detailed design to master planning and strategy planning. Daniel has been a member of the Urban Initiatives team since the beginning of 2018. He strongly believes that drawing upon local and indigenous culture and creative practice within and outside the profession instills depth in the work he does. Additionally, consideration for future growth and change will benefit local communities and overall urban experience.

Daniel has travelled extensively overseas exploring the natural and urban environments throughout Europe and Asia, broadening his understanding of what successful can be. His ability to visually interpret ideas facilitates effective understanding and output throughout the design and development processes.

Daniel has various personal and professional interests that intertwine with each other. His love of the outdoors hiking, cycling, mountain biking and camping also spur on his passion for photography. These naturally feed back into his role as a landscape architect through understanding the importance of how his work reflects back onto everyday life and those who use it.