Dorset Council is custodian of a much-loved and coveted public campground on the north-eastern coastline of Tasmania at Bridport / Pulawuta Napina. While generations of Northern Tasmanians enjoy their holidays at the caravan park and campgrounds – including many families who have held permanent site leases – this enduring popularity and the increasing complexity of the contract management task had, over time, led to the deterioration of the facilities, environmental values and financial viability of the Foreshore Caravan Park. In 2010, the Council recognised the importance of the park to the local economy and the need for a Caravan Park & Foreshore Masterplan and Business Model to guide the renewal of the caravan park, progressively upgrade the facilities, restore the foreshore reserve and set the caravan park on a financially secure pathway.

Urban Initiatives, in association with Saturn Corporate Resources, was commissioned by Dorset Council to prepare an integrated Masterplan for the Bridport Caravan Park. The objectives of the masterplan were to maintain a sustainable caravan park environmentally and financially. The project included extensive consultation with the Council, local residents and the business community.

In addition to assessing vegetation structure and the health of the foreshore reserve, the methodology recognised that environmental and aesthetic values needed to be calibrated against the available management and financial models for the operation of the caravan park assets. The various advantages and disadvantages associated with these options were considered alongside the financial and reputational risk to the Council and the State, and the environmental implications of each approach.

Following this process, the physical and functional structure of the reserve was master-planned as a series of ‘catchments’ across the foreshore reserve to best manage the existing native tree canopy, reduce stormwater velocity and erosion, and allow ‘zones’ within the park to be strategically ‘rested’ and presented in the best condition for peak visitation periods.

The Masterplan gives Dorset Council a framework and a phased outline to work that will create a park that offers campers, operators and the users of the park’s facilities and amenities, an environment which provides the appropriate level of resources and assets increasing the future value of the Bridport Caravan Park for everyone

  • Location

    Bridport, Tasmania

  • Role

    Lead Consultant

  • Client

    Dorset Council

  • Traditional Owners

    Pulawuta napina People

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