Since its inception, Urban Initiatives Directors have always provided rigorous, hands-on leadership and practice management, yet this does not fully represent the way in which we carry out our project work. We are made up of a largely senior team who collectively bring about 250 years of design experience to the table and are supported by a group of young, motivated and passionate practitioners.

Engaging Urban Initiatives is therefore engaging a collective of specialists centred around a common purpose: to enrich and to advocate through design. We believe this point of difference, unsurprisingly, has a direct and positive impact on both the quality of our design outputs and our ability to be efficient.

So, we pride ourselves on the purposefully diverse skill set offered by our office and the ability to tailor a team to suit particular project types.

Our many years of collaborative practice have also meant access to a diverse range of experienced consultants with whom we have established relationships based on trust and aligned ethics, to supplement our internal team. Previously tested working relationships enable us to ensure best practice and efficiencies in all required aspects of our design work for our clients.