Edible Education

December 22, 2014

staff_brit_1The latest issue of Every Child Magazine, the primary publication for Early Education Australia, carries an article by our own Brittany Miller.

amelie_peasIn it, she discusses one of her personal passions: the benefits of including kitchen gardens in schools and early childhood settings. These include not only improved health and well-being of the children, but they also give practical experience of scientific concepts as broad as the water cycle, ecology and even gravity!

Allowing children to participate in growing their own food deepens their appreciation of the living world, and has also shown to greatly improve the diet and temperament of children.

No matter  the scale, whether a few tubs or a whole aquaculture-permaculture system, if you need some assistance with the design of your edible garden, UI would be glad to help. Other than Brittany, we have two accredited permaculture designers on staff who would be glad to assist.

You can read the full content of the article here.


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