Wai Kin Tsui

GIS Techician/ Landscape Architect

Bachelor of Science (Environmental) University of Sydney
Cert III in Conservation and Land Management (Natural Area Restoration)
Cert IV in Conservation and Land Management
Diploma in Conservation and Land Management
Master of Landscape Architecture University of Melbourne

Years at UI: 2014 - Present

Wai Kin’s work is motivated by a deep interest in exploring intricate interactions of science and art. He is fascinated by people’s sensitivity to the environment or lack thereof. Through literature research and design intervention, Wai Kin has explored varies methods to generate interpretations and forms to highlight the interaction of nature and culture.

Wai Kin’s design sensibility draws from his Bachelor degree in Environmental Science and varies practical training he has undertaken when he was working as a bush regenerator in Australia. Upon joining Urban Initiatives, he has completed his master degree of Landscape Architecture at University of Melbourne. His strong GIS, drafting, and research skills help move projects through a vigorous design process.