Preston City Oval

, Preston, Melbourne, Victoria

Client: City of Darebin

Type: Relax, Victoria, Sports Precinct, Public Precinct

Year: 2012

Staff: Andrew Brophy, Dylan Dodds

The first stage of the opening up of Preston City Oval has just been completed. Traditionally fenced to the street boundary, the oval has been inaccessible to the general public for many decades.
In this first stage UI have pushed back the fencing to return 12 metres of park frontage to the street. The project brief called for a new landscape gateway to central Preston and in the recovered frontage a planted promenade has been created to serve this purpose.
The new linear parkland returns the oval to the public realm in a part of Melbourne with a distinct lack of public open space. The project has also widened the main entry points to the oval; these spaces re-conceived as broad public plazas with generous stairs and ramped access.

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