Skretting Administration Office

, Cambridge, Hobart, Tasmania

Client: Architects Designhaus

Type: Place, Tasmania, W.S.U.D.

Year: 2010

Awards: Winner of AILA Award - Design (2010)

Staff: Andrew Taylor

Cost: $100,000

This project aimed to establish a ’whole site environment’ that is environmentally responsive and provides pleasant surroundings for staff and visitors.  The new facilities were placed at a discreet distance from the main plant area, but close enough for staff to move easily between the manufacturing plant, workshops and administration areas.
The imperatives of the project were to:
– establish seamless disability access solutions at key interfaces with the main carpark and  arrival points, that present the Skretting company in an inviting, positive and marketable way
– ensuring that the discrete work areas are linked and function well and efficiently
– filter all site, carpark and sub-surface stormwater
– harvest new roof stormwater for irrigation (plumbed for future 20,000L rain water tanks)
– filter the overflow effluent from the odour sequestration biofilter
– enhance the company’s image and environmental management credentials.

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