Nant Distillery

, Bothwell, Tasmania

Client: Batt Properties Pty Ltd

Type: Place, Tasmania

Year: 2008

Staff: Andrew Taylor

Nant Mill and Distillery is a unique site that features a blend of European Heritage and indigenous ecology within the vast landscape setting of the Tasmanian highlands.
The vision for the site was pared-back to reveal the layers of inherent heritage; a robust, ‘working’ landscape without obvious boundaries yet with a singular clarity of purpose. Whether sheltered from the bracing chill of a highland winter, or basking in the clear brilliance of autumn in the view of Wood’s Quoin, visitors are reminded of traditional materials and methods, the hand craftsmanship and detailing present in all the landscape elements. These meld seamlessly with both the new and existing architecture. Wayfinding was carefully considered to make it intuitive rather than signage driven. The clarity of design and detailing has successfully reinforced the imagery and branding of the Nant Distillery.

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