University of Tasmania, Sandy Bay Campus Entrance

, Churchill Avenue, Hobart, Tasmania

Client: University of Tasmania

Type: Place, Tasmania, Pedestrian Space, Wayfinding, University Campus

Year: 2010

Staff: Andrew Taylor, Paul Neely, Jason Isaks

The new Churchill Avenue entry to the University of Tasmania is a response to a precinct of the Campus that was formerly dominated by vehicles and carparking. While minimum levels of carparking required by the local planning authority are retained, the design for the new entrance prioritises the pedestrian while seeking to mitigate the environmental impact of carparking and pavement-borne environmental pollutants.
Iconographic signage identifies the key access points. Aligned to new public transport nodes on Churchill Avenue, a barrier free link guides pedestrians and carpark users to the central academic and administrative ‘core’ of the campus.
Each section of the carpark is designed as a ‘catchment’ drained to island infiltration cells. UI commissioned geo-technical testing of filtration substrates to ensure optimal filtration and up-take of stormwater-borne pollutants. Matched to the site geotech, a filtration rate of 200-500mm per hour has been achieved for the ‘cells’, a rate of absorption consistent with the design criteria and WSUD standards for Southern Tasmania and Victoria.

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