Bayside Coastal Management Plan

, Port Phillip Bay foreshore, Melbourne

Client: Bayside City Council

Type: Plan, Victoria, Foreshore, Urban Design Framework, Strategy

Staff: Leila Griffiths, Bruce Echberg

The City of Bayside foreshore covers 17km of urban coastline and around 180 hectares of foreshore open space. Well used and loved by Melbourne people, this stretch of the bay contains a range of natural systems, recreation landscapes and water based recreational facilities.
Urban Initiatives developed the Bayside Coastal Management Plan in 2013 following a detailed process of research, fieldwork, survey and discussion with key stakeholders and the general public. The plan establishes the policy and management framework for the Bayside foreshore through until 2022.
A unique feature of the public consultation was the Open Coast Walks conducted in August 2012 when the project team walked and talked with community members over two days and in five locations along the coast. This immersive consultation approach enabled the team to fully experience the trails, the foreshore landscape and the beaches, and ultimately led to a plan rigorously grounded in local conditions.