Marysville Streetscape

, Marysville, Victoria

Client: Victorian Bushfire Reconstructions and Recovery Authority

Type: Plan, Victoria, Public, Infrastructure, Streetscape, Strategy, Bushfire Recovery

Year: 2003-2013

Staff: Dylan Dodds, Katherine Masiulanis, Jason Isaks, Tim Hart

UI’s involvement with the town of Marysville stretches back over a decade. In 2003, following a preparation of a town centre masterplan, UI prepared detailed designs for Murchison St which embrace the village character and beauty of the surrounding forest and creeks.

Pebble lined creek beds replaced standard kerb and channel, and flowing water was brought into the street via a siphon in the Steavenson River. Low key bridges cross the channel regularly, and are enhanced by new lighting, footpaths, indigenous and forest planting, and bio-retention swales to irrigate Marysville’s stunning exotic street trees.

After the Black Saturday bushfires which devastated the town, UI were engaged to revitalise the streetscapes. It proved a rare opportunity to revisit and extend a design and improve upon it, based on extensive community input. The people of the town strongly reinforced the character that they wished to see represented in the town, and UI were able to embrace this and extend it to the town entries and new tree plantings and footpaths in the town centre.

Exotic trees remain the mainstay of Murchison St, as does the pebble lined creek bed, which was repaired and reconstructed. Planting has a more gardenesque character. New stone entry walls which mimic the forms of the hills which cradle the town give a strong sense of arrival at this resilient community.

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