Gallipoli Park

, Marysville, Victoria

Client: Victorian Bushfire Reconstructions and Recovery Authority

Type: Relax, Restore, Victoria, Public, Revegetation, Lakes, Parks and Gardens, Bushfire Recovery

Year: 2011-12

Staff: Katherine Masiulanis, Jason Isaks

Cost: Approx $400,000.00

As Marysville’s primary recreational space, Gallipoli Park is an important community hub. Following the destruction brought on the town by the Black Saturday Bushfires, some parts of the park required reconstruction, but also a considered approach to the flood of new services and facilities located in and around the park.

A large indoor basketball facility, with seating terraces facing the oval was constructed, and the school grounds altered. The outdoor pool space was refurbished, and parts of the new playspace extended into the park. At the same time, planting and infrastructure had been lost, including a fern gully originally planted by community members.

Urban Initiatives were able to link these features, replace lost bridges and suggest additional boardwalks and jetties to provide low-key interaction with the delightful lake. Tree planting and Camellia gardens were proposed, and the fern gully stabilised and replanted. Consideration was made of the orientation and drainage of the oval, and open grassed spaces, which have become important event spaces for the town, laser graded and reseeded. Finally, to complement these facilities, UI designed and documented a new skate park and BMX track for the community.

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