Church St Park construction underway

July 31, 2014

Burnley will soon be graced by a new area of green open space for the community. A former freeway on-ramp adjacent to the Yarra River has been re-imagined as a park and urban plaza, with a viewing deck over the river, striking lightbox lanterns which echo the historic features on Church St bridge and playful car sculptures by BigGfiSh workshop.

Integral to the design is a WSUD treatment swale which runs along the edge of the site, and cleans stormwater for storage in underground tanks with a volume of over 60,000L. This water will be reused for irrigation of this prominent local park, greening our city.

Construction is being carried out by Landscape Solutions, and is expected to be complete in mid-November 2014.

From this – a weedy and unloved corner of Church St:

Through this:


To this:



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