UI in Landscape Australia

August 18, 2014

Landscape Australia magazine, which has a focuses on on Contemporary Public Gardens this issue, features articles and news from Urban Initiatives.

british-gardensStaff member Katherine Masiulanis reviews ‘British Gardens : History, Philosophy and Design’ by Tom Turner, which is a substantial publication discussing the thinking and development of gardens from prehistoric times until the present day.

The Lemur Island at Melbourne Zoo, which allows the public to walk freely through the enclosure with these fascinating animals is featured in the Noticeboard section of the magazine.

The ARK collaboration, which brings together the skills of Urban Initiatives, Snowdon Architects and Arterial Design to provide specialist zoo design services, is mentioned in connection with the exciting new Predators Precinct, which is currently under construction. This area, which houses Lions, African Wild Dogs, Phillipine crocodiles and other small species exhibits, is scheduled to open by the end of the year.

The UI team within the woven entry to the Lemur exhibit

The UI team within the woven entry to the Lemur exhibit


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