Melbourne Zoo Predators Precinct set for a major upgrade

March 14, 2014

The Predators Precinct at Melbourne Zoo is set for major overhaul in the coming months. The new exhibit precinct was designed by Ark, a specialist zoo design collaboration, led by Urban Initiatives in association with Arterial Design and Snowdon Architects. The project, currently under construction, includes new exhibits for African lions and African wild dogs, as well as an education centre that features the Philippine crocodile and other small species exhibits.



The precinct offers a range of viewing opportunities from eye to eye close encounters to expansive views of the animals in a naturalistic landscape. The landscape, and the architectural and interpretive elements, are designed to inspire awe, respect and compassion for these important predators.  The varied landscape mimics the African Savannah habitat of the lions and wild dogs and the rainforests in which the Philippines crocodile is found.


The visitor areas are similarly themed and include a village and waterhole setting that highlights the way humans and predatory animals can co-exist. Elements of the landscape designed to engage the animals include bungee feeders, a varied topography and a range of water bodies.


The project design responds to a demanding brief: improved animal welfare and an enhanced visitor experience, the necessity for fail-proof safety mechanisms and containment measures, all on a small site and tight budget.


(Concept sketches by Ark collective – Arterial Design Pty Ltd)
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