About Urban Initiatives


Urban Initiatives is a collaborative landscape and urban design practice with a strong commitment to enriching public space in practical, sensitive and sustainable ways.   We strive to produce well-resolved projects that work for our clients and the public and that contribute positively to the natural and built environment.

At UI we embrace both the expertise of allied specialist consultants as well as the particular knowledge of local communities on a broad range of projects. This openness to a range of views is critical when addressing the complex and yet generally very specific nature of landscape and urban design projects.

The office boasts a breadth and depth of experience that allows for project specific design teams of great range to be assembled for the design job at hand. Staff backgrounds range from landscape architecture, industrial and graphic design, to playground design, architecture, urban design and other craft practices. Projects therefore benefit from the varied skills, interests and perspectives of our diverse team.

The practice strives to foster staff development by providing a supportive, challenging and enjoyable working environment. We encourage open communication in our workplace where we regularly conduct informal in-house design workshops to promote shared learning and the development of healthy critical debate. We believe this environment allows for exposure to a range of design approaches, fresh ideas and new technologies.

UI seeks to adhere to a clear ethical position as practitioners in the design of the built environment. We are committed to bringing clear, economical and elegant solutions to the public space in which we are privileged to work.

We are proud of our record as one of Australia’s longest running landscape architectural practices. We believe that many years of practical experience have created a strong foundation for future successful projects, projects that will exemplify our commitment to the creation of functional yet memorable public space.